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What is it with the Tall Poppy Syndrome?

I love this city, province and country but you know what I am getting sick of? The Tall Poppy Syndrome that is becoming more and more pervasive. Especially when it comes to VOLUNTEERS, who are doing their best. The brouhaha over an all white judging panel at Edmonton’s Heritage Days 2013 is only the latest. Was it the best decision for an event that celebrates diversity? No, it was not. However, I truly doubt the organizers (volunteers themselves!) thought about that when sending out requests for VOLUNTEER judges.

Event organizers employ a ‘shotgun’ approach when looking for judges, panelists and the like and guess what? Often the people who step up due to a variety of reasons are similar (as in all the same gender, colour, political bent…) This does not mean that the organizers did not attempt to balance things out! Sometimes organizers have to go “with who you can get”.

We must have diversity! Not token efforts and not when it comes to groups pointing fingers at each other. As a woman I would never want a job or a position on a Board/Committee simply due to my gender. No one group is more or less important than another. Why cannot we simply look as people as human beings and get beyond labels instead of knocking each other down. This is my hope for Edmonton, Alberta and Canada.


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