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City of Edmonton needs to step up

I was heading out for ‘Book Club’ dinner with Tracey Johanson and Shelly Zugec last night (Friday, November 15, 2013) when I came across this accident. It had just happened. There was a parked pickup truck in the left lane and the Postie who was hit was lying on the ground with only one person attending him and several people (fellow Posties) were calling emergency services. I immediately pulled over on the side street.

I hit my hazards and rushed into the middle of the street to where the man was lying. (I am very forceful and make it VERY obvious that traffic IS stopping when I need to walk across!) Did a quick assessment of the scene and after asking that the man who was already comforting the injured pedestrian to keep the other man down and not to let him move I quickly went back to my parked vehicle and grabbed all my emergency supplies. I carry multiple blankets, a safety vest (which I quickly put on as I was wearing black dress pants and a black dress jacket) along with clean towels and an emergency flashlight. Yep, I am a safety prepared gal.

We covered the man with both blankets, I gave the flashlight to one of the many safety vested Posties (the man who was hit had a safety vest on as well) who were now on the scene so he could handle traffic control on one side. I handed the towels to a nurse who also stopped to help. We rolled the towels and put them under the victims head (although he had moved from his back when I first arrived on scene to his side already).

This entire fellow’s Posties who ran across to help him were fabulous as everyone formed a protective triangle around the injured pedestrian or controlled traffic. Indeed, at one point a fellow who I assume was a supervisor told a group to go back into the Canada Post Sorting Station, as the crowd was already large.

EMS were quickly on the scene (although I doubt the injured man would think the same as he was in pain, could tell he had a badly broken leg at the very least but did not appear to have head or internal injuries as far as a cursory examination could ascertain). I am a First Responder and my First Aid is current but my motto is in the City where ambulance and fire are usually minutes away that the best approach is to do as little as possible beyond comforting the injured, ensuring they do not move to aggravate any injuries and that no one goes into shock.

EMS and EFD pulled up seconds apart and quickly took over the scene (I step back and let the experts do what they need to do). While waiting for EMS to get the victim on a spine board I spoke to several of the Posties on scene. Felt for them and the injured because this intersection is horrendous! This street is further hindered by the fact that construction cones are still on the side of the road (no current construction but cones and barriers still litter the area…) — Distracting.

When the ambulance pulled away, I retrieved my stuff and then turned my attention to the man who was the driver who had hit the Postie. It was NOT a hit and run as some had speculated (rather loudly) and I felt for the man. I touched his elbow and asked if HE was all right. He said he was shaken but was okay. I felt for him because it was an accident (I am sure he did not set out to hit someone in a crosswalk and he was outnumbered, Posties were all around). Asked him if he wanted to sit down or warm up but he said no.

The injured man had a fellow Postie accompany him in the ambulance and I heard someone on the phone getting his SOs phone number. Great to see how well taken care of the victim was.

EPS pulled up by this time (a little late to the party but it was not a hit and run and EFD had blocked most lanes of traffic very well). As I returned to my vehicle an EMS supervisor who had parked his SUV in front of mine walked by. I pointed out the driver, reiterated the conversation I had had with the driver and asked him to follow up (did not want the driver to go down from Shock) and the supervisor said he said he would.

I was so proud and impressed with those who sprang into action to help, felt for the driver and was very POd at the odd ignorant driver who honked as they were briefly delayed and inconvenienced as a MAN LAY IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET IN PAIN! For crying out loud (FCOL) the injured man had plans, the driver had plans, the fellow Posties had plans and I HAD PLANS but human compassion comes first!

The City of Edmonton, Canada Post step up for the Canadian Union of Postal Workers and others who have to brave that intersection and put crosswalk lights up BEFORE someone is struck and killed! The Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton (SACE) is on the side road (where I parked) and clients, employees, visitors and volunteers arriving to the Centre by ETS have to traverse that intersection and I know from my years of volunteering at SACE that this intersection has been a concern of theirs as well. Step up City of Edmonton and put crosswalk lights at the intersection of 149 Street and 121 ‘A’ Avenue! (The avenue is incorrect in the Edmonton Sun article.)


Update: Man in serious condition with multiple broken bones


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