I am proud to be a woman

IWD 2014

Edmonton: I know you, love you and I am your ambassador!

International Women’s Day is March 08

I am proud and honoured to be a woman.

I accept and respect the privilege and responsibility that being female is at this point in humankind.

I am proud of being a mentor and trusted confidante in my relationships.

I am proud that no matter the situation I have never compromised my integrity.

I am proud that despite my Mom dying when I was only twenty-one we were friends. I learned how to be a maverick from my Mom.

I am proud that I have a great relationship with my Dad and that he taught me girls could do anything!

I am proud that I am like my paternal grandmother, a fighter who never gave up despite a handicap and very tough times she always did everything with cheerfulness and grace. She was a great role model.

I am proud that I am also…

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