I am proud to be a woman

International Women’s Day is March 08

I am proud and honoured to be a woman.

I accept and respect the privilege and responsibility that being female is at this point in humankind.

I am proud of being a mentor and trusted confidante in my relationships.

I am proud that no matter the situation I have never compromised my integrity.

I am proud that despite my Mom dying when I was only twenty-one we were friends. I learned how to be a maverick from my Mom.

I am proud that I have a great relationship with my Dad and that he taught me girls could do anything!

I am proud that I am like my paternal grandmother, a fighter who never gave up despite a handicap and very tough times she always did everything with cheerfulness and grace. She was a great role model.

I am proud that I am also very much like my maternal grandmother, a woman who although having handfuls of children always had room in her home, at her table and most strikingly in her heart for everyone. I try to emulate her example.

I am proud that despite the usual sibling bickering, rivalry and teasing I have a sister who is also a friend and is someone I would choose as a friend even if she were not my sister.

I am proud that I married the love of my life and that over twenty-two years later I love him more each day!

I am proud that I have a loving relationship with “Mom” (the in-law part being superfluous), that she loves me and I her.

I am proud that I have family and friends who have known me since I was a baby or through the years and that so many are still shining beacons in my life.

I am proud that at forty I returned to post-secondary full-time to pursue my dreams and that when I returned to school I never shirked my volunteer or life passions and indeed took on more.

I am proud that despite the seemingly endless obstacles and my disability I graduated! (I am also secretly proud that I received high marks including A+’s during my studies because I am competitive!)

I am proud that I have always voted in every election as one vote makes a difference.

I am proud that I am an engaged and active citizen because that is the only way to affect change.

I am proud that despite the tons of lemons that life has handed me that I have always continued to keep making lemonade (or lemon tarts, lemon meringue, lemon chicken…). Bitter or better is a choice and I have always chosen better.

I am extremely proud of the strength it has taken to be a survivor. It matters not what I am a survivor of.

“While I don’t expect a parade, and it is hardly an accomplishment I can put on my résumé, it is an honour, and it is one accomplishment I am most proud of.”

* Editors Note: This is a repeat post, which was originally written for the YWCA’s Edmonton ‘Women of Strength’ contest. My sentiments are still the same as when this post was first written. I am now however, looking forward to celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary in September with my ever suffering (according to him) and who I adore more everyday Hubby#1 aka David!

I am encouraged with the changes that are happening in the world however, more is still needed, and in some countries and on some issues, improvements are needed desperately and forthwith.

I hope and believe that one day I can simply write, “I am proud to be a person!”

IWD2014 Update:

On September 5th, 2013 we (the Royal, Ward we) celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary.

Mum had a debilitating stroke on January 25th, 2013 and adjustments have changed all of our everyday lives, these days being happy with the small successes is vital. We are now down to only one dog in our lives as our two Golden Retriever’s both passed away too young of Cancer. Dieter, is a rambunctious and gorgeous, too smart for his own good two-year-old German Shepard who is a regular (and favourite and most asked about) visitor to the extended care centre in St. Albert where Mum now lives. It is amazing to see how this big (goofy) but intimidating looking dog has all the residents at Mum’s so enamoured! We jokingly referred to Dieter as Mum’s and she seems to have taken that to heart as she lights up when he walks in and proudly holds his leash as we wheel her around the Centre. (Pecking order for visits is Dieter, then me and then David; followed closely by other family and friends! Her first-born son, Hubby#1, is a “tad” miffed at this lineup but is so thrilled that Mum is still here.) He and Mum play crib on many visits and it is wonderful to see Mum’s competitive streak as she wins (without much “help” from David) and the grin she gives him when she skunks him is positively evil!

I am fortunate to continue to have a great group of family and friends in my life and I am trying to show appreciation and affection to everyone as much as possible. Learning how to live with adjustments and (hopefully) grace is how I would summarize the last few years.


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