Resources in Greater Edmonton for Sexual Assault or Exploitation

Edmonton: I know you, love you and I am your ambassador!

Resources in Greater Edmonton for Sexual Assault/Violence or Exploitation/Trafficking

Emergency: 911

Kids Help Phone is 1.800.668.6868

Alberta’s Child Abuse Hotline is 1.800.387.KIDS (5437)

24 Hour Sexual Assault Crisis Line (SACE Edmonton) 780.423.4121

In Alberta you are required by law to report suspected Child Abuse call the Hotline at 1.800.387.5437 or visit your nearest police station.

Edmonton Police Services (EPS): Emergency: 911| Non-Emergency Calls: 780.423.4567 | TELUS Mobility: #377 | Rogers: *377 | TTY: 780.425.1231| Switchboard: 780.421.3333.

Edmonton Police Victim Service Unit (VSU), 9620 103A Avenue  NW | 780.421.2217 or Alberta Police Based Victim Services Association’s (APBVSA) website at

Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton (SACE) offers a 24 Hour Crisis Line | 780. 423.4121 that provides support, referrals and information to individuals affected by sexual violence. Public education, diversity outreach and a war rape (compassionate witness) program are also services provided by SACE.

Sexual Assault Response Team of Edmonton (SART)

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Tweet me! Here is to 50K tweets and oh how fun it has been. More to come…

Tweet me! Here is to 50K tweets and oh how fun it has been. More to come…

I have been on Twitter since September 2008 and this is my 50,000 tweet!

A lifelong learner, long time media monitor with an information addiction combined with a strong social conscience makes for an unusual person. Yep, that is @DebraWard and Twitter feeds this addiction! I try to be a quintessential and reliable source for information and I love the differing opinions and discussions that my Twitter stream brings.

Within me is a burning interest in issues and a zest to make this world a better place for everyone.

Improving the world and advocating is essential to me: human rights, dignity for everyone, children, animals, politics, good governance, civic matters, ending homelessness and poverty, traffic, police BOLAs, stopping bullying, eradicating mental illness, family violence and sexual assault stigmas (and eradicating, family violence and sexual assault, period) are only some of my many passions.

Stay tuned for more…

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Sexual Violence Stupid Top-ten List

Sexual Violence Stupid Top-ten List

I compiled a top-ten list of myths, stupid things and stupid questions people said to me after my disclosure. This will give you an example of why the public needs to be educated and why awareness urgently still needs to happen.

1. Were they native? Uh, no—they were not even human and what difference would that make.

2. At least they did not take anything. That is right, I lost my dignity, my spirit and my sense of the future but at least they did not take anything “valuable”.

3. Did it hurt? Why don’t you try having sex with sandpaper between your legs and then ask me that question.

4. You do not look any different… Um, am I supposed to get a tattoo proclaiming me a victim? There are scars on my soul that are indelible.

5. Why would you believe them when they threatened you if you contacted police? Yeah, these were “people” I should trust. They knew where I worked and had only forced horrible depravities upon me…no reason I would think they were capable of anything bad. Nonetheless, I did eventually report to the police. My police file remains open. Never apprehended my assailants are still unknown and unpunished.

6. What were you wearing; don’t you think that contributed to your attack? Certainly. It was after all almost dusk and the drab trench coat that I was wearing did show off my cast— sexy.

7. What did you do to provoke the attack? Excuse me? I was leaving work, had a cast on my leg and was an easy target that is it. I was not special; I was simply there and was vulnerable.

8. Well at least “that” will never happen to you again. Being assaulted once in no way protects me going into the future. Indeed 60% of survivors are victimized again and yet another statistic I lay claim to.

9. Am I sure I did not consent. Good one, after almost 16 (at that time *now 26+) years of monogamous marriage one night as I was leaving work I saw some rough looking men and thought—nope— that one does not even warrant a response.

10. You have to take responsibility. For what??? Being female—sexual assault happens to men as well. My age? Babies and senior citizens are targets too. My appearance. Yeah, my drab trench coat and that grey cast was sooo much of a turn on and nuns who are assaulted—damn their sexy habits.

Perpetrators are the only ones who must take responsibility. They choose to assault. It was late at night and you were alone. It was just turning dark on an early fall evening and I was simply leaving work. I did not deserve what happened to me—no survivors do.

Why do people still ask (accuse) a survivor of sexual violence what they did to deserve the crime but not a victim of a mugging?

End the silence on sexual violence — end sexual violence.

By Debra Ward

Professional Writer and Proud Survivor

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My problem(s)/concerns with AHS and PCNs

My problems/concerns with AHS and PCNs

How I “continue” to love Alberta Health SERVICESin no way. How I miss Alberta Health CARE!

Finally received “official” word that the specialist I HAD been seeing will not accept me back as a patient as it has been over a year since I needed their services and my GP is NOT ALLOWED to refer me to them! For Crying Out Loud (FCOL). I knew that when I first was referred to them that the office would not communicate with my GPs office (tried to tell my GPs nurses that there was no way I could be accepted as a patient, blah, blah, blah). In typical “Debbie” fashion, I called BS and as I had already booked and had an appointment confirmed I ignored the stupidity of the call. I went at least a dozen times and had a good rapport/trusted the Doctor but was feeling better and felt my Family Physician could manage my chronic condition.

About eight months ago I determined to take a more active approach to my chronic condition in discussion with my GP (of over 20+ years and who I trust explicitly) I tried to call and book an appointment. No answer, I tried several more times, again no call-back’s. (Now, I could be humble and pretend that I don’t leave great Voice Mail’s but that is not true, I leave ALL relevant details INCLUDING in this case that I WAS A PATIENT, my name and numbers at least twice during the call, at the start and at the end of the call.)

During my annual physical (in September), I asked my GP to try. After three months of trying with no response, they have finally concluded that there was never going to be a response and are now trying to get me into another specialist.

Yep, I have to start all over again with a NEW specialist IF my doctor can get me in to see one. Great, just what I want to do is to start at the beginning after ten plus years of this disorder.

So how did I get in to see the specialist in the first place? Hubby#1’s GP referred me. He knew about my condition and that I was trying to find a specialist (my GP could not find another specialist after my original one retired) and knew of a new-ish specialist who was setting up their practice and was taking on new patients.

Here is the kicker, Hubby#1’s doctor is in charge of the Royal Alexandra Hospital Family Clinic, which is a teaching facility. (David’s original doctor has moved on as an Assistant Dean of Medicine at the University of Alberta Hospital, also a teaching hospital.) Thus, these doctors are aware of good and new to the profession specialists . It was David’s first doctor who I really like who referred me to my GP (because I wanted a female GP.) Because of Hubby#1’s health issues and because David is a man (thus negligent in regular annuals and such) I have had a lot of contact with his GPs.

So what is the problem with my GP? She is not part of a Primary Care Network (PCN), she is one of the very few family doctors who still has a private practice in Alberta. Now PCNs were “supposedly” set up to address the very real issue of Albertans not having family doctors. I write supposedly because the insidious side of PCNs (and I assume the “new” Alberta Health Services (AHS) initiative Family Care Clinics) are that for Albertans like me WHO HAVE FAMILY DOCTORS who are not part of a PCN they act as gatekeepers to keep Albertans AWAY from THEIR specialists.

I cannot understand how/why Primary Care Networks HAVE specialists such as the type I am trying to access? This specialty is along the line of Neurologists (which “thankfully” I have a good one who will continue to see me for issues leftover from my last concussion), so nothing to do with PRIMARY CARE.

I have MAJOR issues with professionals (so-called) who do not have the courtesy to respond to phone calls or letters. Moreover, I have MAJOR, MAJOR problems with being denied access to HEALTH CARE I need.

I copied and pasted this from one of the Edmonton PCNs websites tonight, Read it and you will see that they make it very clear that PCN only patients (doctors) can access “their” doctors. (Ignore the missing word/typo, which I have corrected in brackets.)

Access to the PCN’s services is only available (to) the patients of family physicians who are members of the Network.

Wow, so much stinks in this whole situation. When I first went to see the specialist, the booking clerk tried to put the “hard word” on me to get ME to convince my GP to join their PCN. I thought no-freaking way but simply gave no response.

In addition, what about me, you know the PATIENT aka a PERSON or a HUMAN BEING well, I am the one suffering and the one who has NO IDEA if I will ever get to see a doctor in the speciality I require!

Yes, I have problems and concerns with AHS and PCNs and sadly my untenable “options”. Those options are to have David’s GP try to refer me again. Try my “luck” with whomever my GP MAY be able to refer me to, remember she had no luck several years ago. Find a GP within the PCN that the specialist I want to access is part of (NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN) or not take positive and healthy charge of my disorder by not trying to see a specialist.

Yes, I have options…

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I am proud to be a woman

IWD 2014

Edmonton: I know you, love you and I am your ambassador!

International Women’s Day is March 08

I am proud and honoured to be a woman.

I accept and respect the privilege and responsibility that being female is at this point in humankind.

I am proud of being a mentor and trusted confidante in my relationships.

I am proud that no matter the situation I have never compromised my integrity.

I am proud that despite my Mom dying when I was only twenty-one we were friends. I learned how to be a maverick from my Mom.

I am proud that I have a great relationship with my Dad and that he taught me girls could do anything!

I am proud that I am like my paternal grandmother, a fighter who never gave up despite a handicap and very tough times she always did everything with cheerfulness and grace. She was a great role model.

I am proud that I am also…

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Warning: Waste of money and incomprehensible government/bureaucratic rules rant

Warning waste of money and incomprehensible government/bureaucratic rules rant coming up:

1) I am off to see my GP this afternoon. Not an issue normally as I trust her and require quarterly checkups anyway except today, the visit is for the Workers Compensation Board (WCB). For my right shoulder, the shoulder I broke May 25, 2011. For the shoulder, that I (begged) asked for proper assessment and treatment during the two-month recovery time WCB “allowed” me.

Asked to be assessed by “their” specialists. Denied.

Asked to be referred to the WCBs Millard Centre special shoulder treatment program. Denied.

Asked to be allowed to use the Millard Centre’s rehabilitation (warm) pool. Denied. (My WCB case manager said that she could not refer me to this. Huh? Then who could?)

Asked to have my file continued so I could have more physiotherapy and treatment. Initially denied. Was finally allowed an extra 10 sessions. My file was then closed.

In September 2013 and then October 2013, I received a letter stating that my case was under review and I needed to provide information and detail what specialists I had seen since my WCB file was CLOSED. Um, how is it that WCB does not understand (but everyone else does) that NO doctor/specialist will look/assess my shoulder once they realize that it is a WCB case?

Therefore, I received a letter last week (based on my response) advising that I needed to be seen by my GP before WCB would refer me to specialists or authorize testing (MRI). Not the orthopedist that handled my case but my family doctor who despite being fantastic is not an orthopedic specialist nor has she been involved in my shoulder case beyond my reporting that I had broken it…

What a waste of time, effort and money. My GP will likely send me for X-rays and perhaps an MRI (any guesses how long that wait will be), send her notes to WCB who will then decide on what action (if any) they will take.

Any guesses how much longer this will take? Anyone think this will help my shoulder and me in a “timely manner”?

2) After more than a year I need the care of a specialist that I have seen numerous times (but not without hurdles in the beginning). I MUST  be “referred” to them again. Except they will not accept referrals from my GP and have not returned my repeated calls to book an appointment.

The specialist is part of Alberta Health Services (AHS) wonderful “one solution for everyone, we will fit the circle into that square peg PCNs”. My GP is a rare breed in Alberta, a sole practitioner. I fail to see why a PRIMARY CARE NETWORK (PCN) has specialists (of which there are few, especially ones taking new patients, and are decent)? How is this PRIMARY CARE?

Furthermore, how DARE a PCN deny retaking on a patient that was already on their books??? For the record when I made the initial appointment and then asked my GP to send over relevant records the specialist’s booking clerk told my doctor’s nurse they would not take me on BECAUSE MY GP WAS NOT PART OF THIS PCN!

I called BS, already had an appointment booked so went to this appointment and many others. I also called BS when the managers of the PCN tried to get me to convince my GP to join them! FCOL. I am a patient in need of care NOT a fritizin sales person and this STUNK TO HIGH HELL! There was no cohesiveness in my care though because my GP had trouble getting records of what treatments and medications the specialist had prescribed. Hrumph!

How did I get this specialists name and “referral”? Hubby#1’s GP passed the recommendation and introduction along because this GP is head of the Royal Alexandra Hospital (RAH) Family Care Centre and teacher at the RAH/UAH. Therefore, I snuck around the gatekeepers due to his doctor’s pull. So much for equal treatment and care in Alberta!

Now I am faced with having to get David’s doctor to intro me again, attempt to find another specialist (who is decent and taking patients, yeah…) or I need to keep being a pain in the butt.

Pain in the PCN and WCB butts it is!

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City of Edmonton needs to step up

I was heading out for ‘Book Club’ dinner with Tracey Johanson and Shelly Zugec last night (Friday, November 15, 2013) when I came across this accident. It had just happened. There was a parked pickup truck in the left lane and the Postie who was hit was lying on the ground with only one person attending him and several people (fellow Posties) were calling emergency services. I immediately pulled over on the side street.

I hit my hazards and rushed into the middle of the street to where the man was lying. (I am very forceful and make it VERY obvious that traffic IS stopping when I need to walk across!) Did a quick assessment of the scene and after asking that the man who was already comforting the injured pedestrian to keep the other man down and not to let him move I quickly went back to my parked vehicle and grabbed all my emergency supplies. I carry multiple blankets, a safety vest (which I quickly put on as I was wearing black dress pants and a black dress jacket) along with clean towels and an emergency flashlight. Yep, I am a safety prepared gal.

We covered the man with both blankets, I gave the flashlight to one of the many safety vested Posties (the man who was hit had a safety vest on as well) who were now on the scene so he could handle traffic control on one side. I handed the towels to a nurse who also stopped to help. We rolled the towels and put them under the victims head (although he had moved from his back when I first arrived on scene to his side already).

This entire fellow’s Posties who ran across to help him were fabulous as everyone formed a protective triangle around the injured pedestrian or controlled traffic. Indeed, at one point a fellow who I assume was a supervisor told a group to go back into the Canada Post Sorting Station, as the crowd was already large.

EMS were quickly on the scene (although I doubt the injured man would think the same as he was in pain, could tell he had a badly broken leg at the very least but did not appear to have head or internal injuries as far as a cursory examination could ascertain). I am a First Responder and my First Aid is current but my motto is in the City where ambulance and fire are usually minutes away that the best approach is to do as little as possible beyond comforting the injured, ensuring they do not move to aggravate any injuries and that no one goes into shock.

EMS and EFD pulled up seconds apart and quickly took over the scene (I step back and let the experts do what they need to do). While waiting for EMS to get the victim on a spine board I spoke to several of the Posties on scene. Felt for them and the injured because this intersection is horrendous! This street is further hindered by the fact that construction cones are still on the side of the road (no current construction but cones and barriers still litter the area…) — Distracting.

When the ambulance pulled away, I retrieved my stuff and then turned my attention to the man who was the driver who had hit the Postie. It was NOT a hit and run as some had speculated (rather loudly) and I felt for the man. I touched his elbow and asked if HE was all right. He said he was shaken but was okay. I felt for him because it was an accident (I am sure he did not set out to hit someone in a crosswalk and he was outnumbered, Posties were all around). Asked him if he wanted to sit down or warm up but he said no.

The injured man had a fellow Postie accompany him in the ambulance and I heard someone on the phone getting his SOs phone number. Great to see how well taken care of the victim was.

EPS pulled up by this time (a little late to the party but it was not a hit and run and EFD had blocked most lanes of traffic very well). As I returned to my vehicle an EMS supervisor who had parked his SUV in front of mine walked by. I pointed out the driver, reiterated the conversation I had had with the driver and asked him to follow up (did not want the driver to go down from Shock) and the supervisor said he said he would.

I was so proud and impressed with those who sprang into action to help, felt for the driver and was very POd at the odd ignorant driver who honked as they were briefly delayed and inconvenienced as a MAN LAY IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET IN PAIN! For crying out loud (FCOL) the injured man had plans, the driver had plans, the fellow Posties had plans and I HAD PLANS but human compassion comes first!

The City of Edmonton, Canada Post step up for the Canadian Union of Postal Workers and others who have to brave that intersection and put crosswalk lights up BEFORE someone is struck and killed! The Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton (SACE) is on the side road (where I parked) and clients, employees, visitors and volunteers arriving to the Centre by ETS have to traverse that intersection and I know from my years of volunteering at SACE that this intersection has been a concern of theirs as well. Step up City of Edmonton and put crosswalk lights at the intersection of 149 Street and 121 ‘A’ Avenue! (The avenue is incorrect in the Edmonton Sun article.)


Update: Man in serious condition with multiple broken bones

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What is it with the Tall Poppy Syndrome?

I love this city, province and country but you know what I am getting sick of? The Tall Poppy Syndrome that is becoming more and more pervasive. Especially when it comes to VOLUNTEERS, who are doing their best. The brouhaha over an all white judging panel at Edmonton’s Heritage Days 2013 is only the latest. Was it the best decision for an event that celebrates diversity? No, it was not. However, I truly doubt the organizers (volunteers themselves!) thought about that when sending out requests for VOLUNTEER judges.

Event organizers employ a ‘shotgun’ approach when looking for judges, panelists and the like and guess what? Often the people who step up due to a variety of reasons are similar (as in all the same gender, colour, political bent…) This does not mean that the organizers did not attempt to balance things out! Sometimes organizers have to go “with who you can get”.

We must have diversity! Not token efforts and not when it comes to groups pointing fingers at each other. As a woman I would never want a job or a position on a Board/Committee simply due to my gender. No one group is more or less important than another. Why cannot we simply look as people as human beings and get beyond labels instead of knocking each other down. This is my hope for Edmonton, Alberta and Canada.

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Dealing with Alberta Health Services especially at the Royal Alex Hospital (RAH) in Edmonton = ARGH!

Dealing with Alberta Health Services especially at the Royal Alex Hospital (RAH) in Edmonton = ARGH!

Time at the hospital with Mum today was um, what is the perfect word? Interesting(!), disheartening and going to end up costing us (Hubby#1 and me) more money if we want to ensure Mum does not become even more dehydrated or degenerate, period.

Since Dietary is fundamentally stupid I was told today that I should start bringing in juice for Mum (on top of the pudding) because no liquid ever comes up on the food tray and there is never any of the thickened juice that Mum can drink on the Ward. The nurses on Ward 53 will add the gross thickening powder to the juice we bring in so that Mum does not need to be on the IV fluids all day. Wow, are we lucky…

Of course no gravy has been seen for days with Mum’s dinner, fundamentally stupid is all I can say.

I wonder if there is anything else the hospital would like us to provide? FCOL, she is on the STROKE Ward and having her dietary and fluid requirements met seems as impossible for them as getting Mum on the Moon.

When I arrived Rosalie Gray was out and her Mom stepped away for a moment so of course a plastic surgeon came in to look at the open wounds on Jordan’s feet. The scab (deep) on his right foot came away and his feet are once again bandaged to allow healing. This twit (I call them as I see them) was talking to me until I introduced myself as Mum’s daughter when he started to talk to the young relatives of Jordan’s. Now I am older and have sat beside Jordan (as well as Mum) for over a month so I am somewhat familiar with what has been going on. This twit starts telling the girls how he will clean the dead tissue on Jordan’s right foot by debridement and how important the area be kept clean, blah, blah, blah. The girls have no idea what this is or means but I unfortunately do. Then this twit proceeds to RE-USE the same gauze and dressing on Jordan’s feet (he simply used tape to “seal” where he had cut them off). When I tried to question him (challenge) the twit he ignored me. Very unprofessional and oh I don’t know (yes, I do!) very UNHYGIENIC! I said there were some 2x4s behind him, I could ring the nurse etc. but no, this “professional” knows better. No, I am not family but on 53-07 we have all learned we have to speak up for everyone, related or not, alas we have learned that we will be ignored, told to mind our own business and the like too. The nurse came but after the exam and re-dressing. The nurse filled in Jordan’s Grandma (and this is one of the good ones) but got which foot would need treatment wrong. Yep, I opened up my big mouth and corrected her. 

I made sure Rosalie knew about this “lapse” in basic wound care.

As she filled me in some issues that Mum is having that the nurses have not bothered to mention to me even when asked specifically about them! ARGH!

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ROAR! I am a patient’s voice hear me ROAR!

ROAR! Yes, that is what I did, that is what Hubby#1 did and that is what we will continue doing over the lack of care and professionalism experienced by Mum.

RAH staff did NOT get her out of bed yesterday despite this being in an agreed recovery plan and despite my INSISTING that they do so. Could not get to the hospital until after 3 PM because of my Saturday Yoga class but she had not been helped out of bed again today and was “sleeping” and not eating. Well DUH!

David went to to the Ward desk and raised holy hell after we spoke to Rosalee (who now has another big black mark next to her name by the nurses on Ward 53). She told us that one nurse was extremely rude to her and thus Mum when Rosalee reiterated my request to get Mum out of bed. Not only that the nurse than proceeded to lie about what was happening with Mum when the Palliative people came around. Except Rosalee wouldn’t let her get away with it, calling her out in front of Palliative Care!

When we arrived and demanded that Mum be helped out of bed we got the same old song, which we know the chorus by heart. “We don’t have enough time or staff. The special chair has gone walkabout (you know there are other patients who need this equipment too… Sorry, we are doing med rounds (left in the room and forgotten about as has happened many times). We are about to start dinner. Your Mum needs to have a BM which is much more important then getting her up and ensuring she can eat! (When Rosalee said that Mum had already had two BMs today the nurse said this was not the case as it was “not in the charts”. To which Rosalee retorted that Mum certainly had because the nurses who had cleaned her up had bitched the second time very loudly and unprofessionally!) Yes, Rosalee is a bundle of tenacity and we are so fortunate for that.

The nurse called me out to the hallway to complain about Rosalee’s “interfering” something I did not appreciate nor did I agree with the nurse.

David has told the Unit Manager that it was not acceptable to not clean up Mum until mid-day, to not get her up (the difference is incredible) nor to talk around her. We do not know how much she understands but she is a human being and deserves respect as such. (Rosalee will not let anyone be negative around her son either, this should be the most basic of nursing but does not appear to be so.)

Found out today that due to shortages (and the closing of the adjacent Ward because of an infection outbreak) that there is a real possibility that another person will be squeezed into an already crowded four-to a room set-up. The room beside Mum’s already has five in it. Um, WHO gets the oxygen of which there are only four outlets? Will the patients have to share? What next, bunk beds?

There is NO room for the medi-lift that is needed to get Mum out of bed as is without the bed having to be angled tightly and everything moved as far away as possible. No better for Rosalee’s son. Across the room is the same except the closets and washbasin is on that side. (The washroom is two feet from Mum’s bed.)

A new Hong Kong Chinese man recovering from a stroke has been moved into the rotating bed. Despite asking for an interpreter (and that the RAH brags that they have interpreters in so many languages) no one had come up to speak to the man and his wife. Indeed, while we were visiting a nurse came up to ask what language they spoke! She assumed Mandarin which the wife confirmed but knowing Hong Kong Chinese people as well as I and David do he asked if they were more comfortable speaking Cantonese (David asked in Mandarin and then switched to Cantonese because my man is excellent in languages, his major at Uni was Asian Studies and his roommate (and the best-man at our wedding is Hong Kong Chinese). The wife was visibly happy to talk to someone. When her husband was brought back into the room after four hours of test in a wheelchair the porter took off with it despite the wife, Rosalee and myself asking for it to be left. His response? Other people may need it… The wife chased him down the corridor and ended up retrieving the wheelchair in front of a random room where it had been abandoned. (Probably beside the bed which has been blocking the door to Ward 53 for days, yep, health and safety standards being met allover.)

Yes, I am POd and bitching all over about the Stroke Ward. I know they are horribly understaffed and do not have anywhere near the equipment needed BUT guess what? I HAVE ONE MIL and will scream for her to get care because she cannot and also, NOTHING is going to change until the damn government stops allowing executives have unlimited expense accounts, until AHS cuts the way too top heavy executive pool (Managers, Directors, Managing Directors, Executive Directors, Senior Managers, Senior Directors, VPs, Executive VPs, Senior VPs and the list goes on and on…). Virtual teams which means one of those VPs may have an assistant in another city necessitating huge conference call bills and travel costs. Also, the AHS CEO needs how many offices? All fully equipped and not only in Edmonton but in Calgary…

NONE of the above gross misuse of TAXPAYERS money improves front-line care but still it goes on and on! Throwing more money at AHS WILL NOT improve patient care (lack thereof) because that is not where the money will go. Wheelchairs, IV Poles. PILLOWS, more qualified and engaged staff and better adherence to infection controls will make a huge difference — saving lives and improving recovery rates but alas with no accountability in the system and because that is not the “sexy” answer this will not happen. Instead, a new specialty ward will be opened as others are closed because that makes it appear that the government is doing something and “cares”.


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